When we think of handmade, we think of a wide range of creative activities related to the creation of personal satisfaction or the product itself, the skilled hands of their creator, without modern machines.

The Maruška brand managed to create a product that emerged from a hobby and eventually became art through an avalanche of emotions transferred to every brush movement on silk that exudes luxury and refinance.

Handmade represents uniqueness.

Be unique with each signature product from Maruška.




Tenderness, luxury, elegance, extravagance, fashion, style…

There are so many beautiful things we think of when we say the word silk.

A gentle touch of silk will leave a pleasant feeling of comfort, while any shade of color will remind you of the loved one that gave you this pleasure.

That is why we have opted for the highest quality materials in order to contribute to the feeling of elegance and style that is felt in every glare of silk fibers.



Is the gift something wrapped in a nice bow box?

Is a gift something we unconditionally give to people close to us?

Is the gift something that makes us happy, or less sad?

Is the gift something we give to our colleagues, associates, important events, for holidays, celebrations, anniversaries?

Is the gift something intended and given as an emotion of gratitude?

Is the gift…

Yes, these are just some of the characteristics that describe the emotion of giving.

That is why the packaging is specially designed to give the impression of beautiful giving emotions that awaken joy and a sense of belonging.

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